Why You Should Use Andarine and When to Stop Using It

By | August 23, 2019

Selective Androgen Receptor Stimulators or SARMs come in different forms, and one of the more prominent ones is Andarine.

And just like any other SARM, andarine has also some side effects although its developers claim that these side effects are not substantial. But even then, before taking in andarine as a drug, the user should know exactly what benefits he will attain and what signs should help him decide to stop.

When to Use Andarine

  • nude manWhen you are diagnosed with osteoporosis – Andarine was first developed primarily to cure osteoporosis or to alleviate its symptoms. Although it was never tested on humans during its development, patients who used andarine have favorable reviews on the product. They claim that their bones have become denser and are not as fragile as before. They swear that they can also perform activities of daily living and do aerobic exercises without pain after taking in andarine regularly.
  • When you want a fitter body – A body that is fit has more muscle mass and no fats. Andarine is known to increase lean muscles while it can also burn fats when stacked with other SARMs. With bigger muscle mass, strength and endurance are also enhanced.
  • When you want to minimize injury – Probability of injury to muscles, bones, and connective tissues are lessened because of andarine’s ability to increase muscle mass and enhance bone density. There is also faster recovery when the injury is not prevented.

When to Stop Using Andarine

  • drugsWhen it causes you to have bad night vision – Individuals who experience difficulties with their vision after taking in andarine is caused by the S4 component of the drug binding to the retina. It is characterized by a yellow tinge in the eye. If symptoms persist even with a decrease in the dosage, you should immediately stop taking in the drug.
  • When you experience mood swings – Andarine can cause mood changes. This is because it can affect testosterone and estrogen levels. Having mood swings every now and then can cause relationships to get sour. You should altogether stop taking in andarine if you cannot contain your mood changes.
  • When depression creeps in – When you feel down and bad about yourself, which is caused by the use of andarine, you should quit taking in this drug. It should be giving you high spirits for its supposed health benefits after all.

Andarine is safe to the human body when taken in responsibly. It should go with proper exercise, diet, sleep, and lifestyle to be able to achieve the utmost beneficial effects. But when the benefits are out-staged by its unhealthy effects, then why should you still continue taking in this drug.