Reasons Why People Love George Strait Music

By | May 10, 2017

If there is an artist that needs no introduction, then he’s George Harvey Strait. To refer to him just as a musician isn’t enough. George isn’t just a musician; he’s a songwriter, singer, actor and a music producer. Born in 1952, George had a normal life just like any other kid. What remains a mystery is how he took an entirely different career from his father who was a mathematics teacher cum rancher.

All the same, George perfected a career he picked up in high school. To date, he’s still referred to as the most popular and influential recording artist of all the time. No wonder, many refer to him as the King of Country music. He has bagged more honors, awards, and accolades than any other country musician. But, what exactly molded George to be an icon in an industry where making a name is as hard as squeezing water out of stone? Or rather, the question should be, why are people dying just to have his music CD.

Why people love George Strait music

Each and every song has a story to tell

Most people love story telling. Georges Country music is full of stories. He just knows what stories people like the most, and he gives them just that in music. So, for someone who loves story, resisting George’s country music isn’t an option. Besides, country music as a genre is all about storytelling. Few have the perfect recipes to perfect it. George has. Also, country music requires a strong focus to narrative voice.

And this is exactly what George is blessed with. Most country music is structured as stories with a beginning, body, and conclusion like troubadour by george strait. And this is how exactly George’s songs are structured. Listening to country music lets you meet different characters, captures your attention to hear about their life’s conflicts, get concerned in the outcome, celebrate their triumphant outcome and mourn their heart-wrenching pain. Os this not what George straight’s country music offers?


Listening to George Straight’s voice quivering as he hits the high notes of “you look so good in love.” or “carrying your love with me,” he pleads. It’s like listening something out of the planet. Without a doubt, if there’s a thing that country music has always done well, then it’s conveying deep heartfelt emotions through a simple, and straightforward lyrics and this is what Georg is talented in. George Straight like most prolific country singers mean exactly what they sing, and that makes his music accessible to anyone who wants to achieve a big dream, had a broken heart or got their truck stuck deep in a ditch.


Serious and skilled musician

Watching George’s live show will leave you seated at the edge of the seat through it all. It’s a clear exhibit of a deeply hidden talent that has over-ripen. George’s performance is a clear demonstration of what country music should be. He is skilled, prolific, experienced and loves what he’s doing to death.

He has this electrifying formula of keeping his fans wild and intoxicated with music. He knows how to wet their appetite and keep them in the mood. Creates an urge of wanting more and more till they can’t take in a single additional hit. Love or hate him, George Straight is just amazing and few artist even those of his caliber will ever match his skills.