Pay Per Click Best Practices For Marketers

By | July 29, 2017

Pay per click advertising is targeted advertising that appears at the top of a results page in a search engine. It enables the advertiser to get targeted traffic to his site while paying for only those who get to the website. This gives an advertiser a high likelihood of making a profit from the paid advertising that they have done. It also benefits searchers by providing them the results they are looking for. The paid ads give search engines a revenue stream as well. Pay per click best practices for marketers enable you to know how to structure the advertisement to get more targeted traffic. You can get ppc management services for your business today from a reputable digital marketing company. They give you the power to expand your client base by drawing in customers that are intent on acquiring the services or products you are offering.

Pay per click best practices for marketers

Perfect keyword research

internet marketingKeywords offer you the best way to target your niche market. As a marketer, you are required to continuously make an effort of refining the keywords to get more relevant pay per click results. The keywords you purchase should, therefore, be closest linked with the services or products you are offering. You should focus your attention on more than the short tail keywords that are frequently searched on. Spread your keyword bank to include long-tail keywords that are more commonly searched and are cheaper to purchase.

Negative keyword exclusion

Negative keywords are simply irrelevant search words that would drive traffic to your website that would not convert to business. If search words appear on your ads, then you would be losing advertising revenue. To stop these keywords from appearing in your paid ads you need first to identify them. This is one of the pay per click best practices for marketers.

You can do this using the Keyword Planner, which is primarily used for purposes of identifying the most relevant keywords for your business. It will show you those key phrases that are related to but are not relevant to your business. These are the ones you put in your negative keyword list. Doing a search on an engine about the overall keyword will give results that the search engine finds relevant. You should add any keywords that are not directly linked to your business.

Divide and conquer

labtopAnother pay per click best practices for marketers is dividing the campaign into more specific ad groups. This splitting enables you to direct the targeted traffic to refined landing pages that would more easily translate to conversion rates. While dividing the traffic, you should also make it a practice to analyze your existing keywords using Adwords Performance Grader, which is a free tool that evaluates your ad campaign. This analysis will help you to know which keywords are underperforming.